Our Local Missions Program

At Rock Hill First Church of the Nazarene, we are a local church reaching others for Christ both locally and globally. In our local efforts, we support several ministries which include:
  • The Haven, Men’s Shelter & Warming Center – We supply meals monthly to this shelter.
  • Local Teacher Adoption – We have adopted 2 teachers to help supply their classrooms with items they may need throughout the year.
  • Coats & Stuffed Animals – We collect coats and stuffed animals in partnership with other organizations.
  • Compassionate Ministries – We have a monthly dinner for cancer patients, survivors and their families. We also invite those who have lost a family member to cancer. During this time, we enjoy fellowship, food, support and a time of prayer and devotions.


How Can You Help?

We would not be able to do the work we do locally or globally without the help of others. Your support in both time and finances are greatly needed and appreciated. Email Terri to learn more about how you can help support the Mission Ministry efforts of RHFCN.

Terri Ramsey

NMI President

Nazarene Missions International

First Church of the Nazarene

Terri oversees the missions programs of First Church to ensure we are fulfilling our commitment to the global church work. She is also responsible for the local work we do to improve our community and compassionate ministries of the church.

Our Global Missions Support

The first is prayer. NMI gathers believers together for prayer in the local church, linking us to our brothers and sisters in Christ across the globe.
The second is the World Evangelism Fund (WEF), which fuels the Church of the Nazarene’s mission by combining gifts from each person and church to fund ministries everywhere.
Through the Alabaster Offering, the third emphasis, ministries around the world receive funds to purchase property and buildings.
The fourth is to engage children and youth through education and fostering calls to missions.
Links, the last area of emphasis, strategically connects Nazarene missionaries and Nazarene churches through prayer, personal contact, and generous giving. Links – LINKS is an important part of supporting our missionaries. Listen to warm and personal testimonies of both the giver and the receiver of these blessings.

Check out these videos to learn more about NMI and how our support changes lives.

It Begins With Prayer

WEF Enables Mission

Alabaster Offering
Alabaster Changes Lives

We Are NMI


We are Vision

We are Action.

We are Impact.


We are people united in our belief that our involvement changes lives worldwide.

We are a cross-cultural, cross-generational movement that mobilizes Churches of the Nazarene in missions.


Our Global Missions Program


  • To encourage people to pray for all efforts of world evangelization
  • To inform people of the world’s needs and what the church is doing to meet those needs
  • To challenge children and youth to learn about and participate in the mission of the church
  • To raise funds for missions outreach


  • NMI helps produce missionaries.
  • NMI assists in sending missionaries to the field.
  • NMI supports missionaries on the field.
  • NMI educates individuals and congregations as to the missionaries’ work on the field.
  • NMI welcomes missionaries when they return for home assignment.
  • NMI helps equip missionaries to return to the field.
  • NMI prays for missionaries at home and abroad.
  • NMI helps provide for retirement needs.



 The Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) is a tribute to church people who are living and for their service to the church. Although the DSA is given through NMI, it need not be given in the area of missions. A church may wish to honor anyone in the church for their efforts. Below are those who have been presented with the DSA in order beginning with the most recent.
DATE              HONOREE
5/20/2018     Marty Robbins
3/18/2018     Gene “Buggar” Norville
5/21/2017     Wayne Deese
8/7/2016       Rev.Bill Ulmet
4/17/2016     Ronnie Lee Aiton, Jr.
9/27/2015     Tammy Rebecca Thomas
4/26/2015     Emily Fite Robinson
8/10/2014     Rev. Ron & Vicky Fite
5/4/2014       Kelly & Susan Harvell
2/23/2014     Marlene D. Gib
5/26/2013     Terri Gib Snipes
1/13/2013     John Zimmerman
4/29/2012     Grady Freeman
11/13/2011   Billy Wayne Phillips
3/27/2011     Billy Thomas
5/16/2010     Nelson Yarger
5/17/2009     Barbara McKeithan
6/22/2008     Darlia Hoggard
6/10/2007     Jeanie Thomas
5/17/2006     John Wentling
3/2/2004       Ronnie Lee Aiton, SR.
5/19/2000     Oscar Aiton
5/11/1992     Iris Jeanette Simmons
3/16/1989     Earl Fergurson
3/4/1988       Debbie Sutton
6/10/1985     Robert Lee
1/23/1984     Jackie Deese
12/6/1979     Edward Hefley
7/3/1978       Rev. Harry James Widener
6/1/1978       Mrs. Helen Cranford
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The Memorial Roll

The Memorial Roll, established in 1919, is a way to honor deceased friends and loved ones. A certificate is issued in the name of the person memorialized and is often presented to a family member or displayed in the church. Please note, the dates below are when the Certificate was presented, and are in order beginning with the most recent.
DATE            HONOREE
2/10/2019    Margaret “Pug” Norville
2/10/2019    Teresa Robinson
2/10/2019    Valerie Adkins
2/10/2019    Victoria “Vicki” Lambert
9/17/2017    Billy Michael Thomas, Sr.
9/17/2017    Margaret Rebecca Funderburke
9/17/2017    Sondra Denise Funderburke
9/25/2016    Joseph “Bud” McCurry
9/25/2016    Olin D. Wilson
9/25/2016    Perry Edward Deese
8/16/2015    Bettye Tate Murphy
8/16/2015    Judy Helms Evans
8/16/2015    Marie Davis
8/16/2015    Marie Deese
8/17/2014    Doris Ferguson
8/17/2014    Eileen Davis
8/17/2014    Katie Rainey
8/17/2014    Leroy “Ray” Wilson
8/17/2014    Patsy Helms Stegall
9/1/2013      Brenda McKeithan
9/1/2013      Fannie May Sexton
9/1/2013      James D. Seay
9/1/2013      Oscar Aiton
9/1/2013      Ruth Watford Fite
8/5/2012      Brandi Dixon Fowler
8/5/2012      E.W. “Dave” Davison
8/5/2012      Erin Dakota Davison
8/5/2012      Joseph Joshua Davison
8/5/2012      Thelma Greene
8/5/2012      Virginia Baker
8/21/2011    Billie Jane Fite
8/21/2011    Carolina Faith Aiton
8/21/2011    Donaleen Tennyson
8/21/2011    Joni Leigh Ann Hagan
8/29/2010    Barbara Donnette Trujillo
8/29/2010    Billy Ray Davis
8/29/2010    Donna Louise Crosby
8/29/2010    Earline Thomas
8/29/2010    Virginia Canty
8/16/2009    Amanda Nicole Weaver
8/16/2009    Casey Marie McKeithan
8/16/2009    Earl Robinson
8/16/2009    Helen Robinson
8/16/2009    Louise Wright
8/16/2009    Luther “Ray” Thomas
8/16/2009    Tessie Lois Nichols Price
6/29/2008    Cassie Vinson
6/29/2008    Cindy Lou Averett
6/29/2008    Dora Wyles
6/29/2008    Francis Williams
6/29/2008    Jeff Funderburke
6/29/2008    Murray Morris
6/29/2008    William Greene
5/27/2007    Clark Nelson Yarger
5/27/2007    Earl Ferguson
5/27/2007    Helen Louise Hoy
5/27/2007    Howard Linder
5/27/2007    Irene M. Copeland
5/27/2007    Jack Monroe Carver, Sr.
5/27/2007    James Deal
5/27/2007    Judy Linder Plyler
5/27/2007    Katherine Davis
5/27/2007    Ruby Morris Satterfield
5/27/2007    Tom Howard
5/5/2006      Betty Williams 5
/5/2006      Colin H. Gib
5/5/2006      Grady McKeithan
5/5/2006      Jennifer Joy Frye
5/5/2006      Jimmy Lee Bankhead, Jr.
3/19/2003    Cameron Anderson
11/7/2002    Aaron Thomas Morris
11/7/2002    Deborah Morris Starnes
2/20/2002    Emily Brooks Carver
7/10/1998    Carl Caudle
7/10/1998    Harry Capps
7/10/1998    Ruby J. Voss
6/19/1998    B.J. Myers
6/19/1998    Clarence Price
6/19/1998    Henry Glenn Stricker
6/19/1998    Howard Barnes
6/19/1998    James Deal
6/19/1998    Jeannette Simmons
6/19/1998    Lottie Montgomery
6/19/1998    Ola Mae Cox
5/17/1995    Pierce Copeland
7/11/1994    Henry Eugene Driggers
5/11/1992    Lela Jordan
5/11/1992    Lewis Lindsey Parrish
4/26/1991    Robert Honeycutt
4/18/1991    James Head
4/4/1991      Dorothy Aiton
4/4/1991      Raymond Bundy
4/4/1991      Vera Sanders
11/6/1990    William Henry Neal
8/16/1990    Clarence Hoover
8/16/1990    Victor Edwin Zimmerman
5/24/1990    Ben Deese
5/24/1990    Bobby G. Thompson
5/24/1990    Doyle Adams Thomas
5/24/1990    Harley Dewey Waldrop, Sr.
5/24/1990    Loraine Miles
5/24/1990    Rev. Perry D. Montgomery
5/24/1990    Richard Donald Montgomery
5/24/1990    Sidney Heyward Rabon
6/29/1989    Richard D. Montgomery
6/26/1989    Glacion Lucas Montgomery
6/26/1989    Harley Dewey Waldrop
3/15/1989    Clay Brown
12/15/1988  Myrtle Karesh
11/4/1988    Mammie Bankhead
9/1/1988      J. C. Ramsey
8/29/1988    Bessie L. Putnam
2/18/1988    Margie T. Waldrop
10/19/1987  Juanita Miles
9/10/1987    Icemiley Howard Goings
9/3/1987      Dever Eubanks
6/4/1987      Nettie Phillips Bishop
1/9/1987      Harry Welch
7/2/1986      Mrs. Cordie Todd
7/2/1986      Mrs. Helen A. Cranford
6/3/1986      Perry Edward Miles
1/6/1986      Alvin Eugene Garrett
6/10/1985    Ed Wright
6/18/1984    Juanita Brackett
5/21/1984    Frances G. Carter
7/5/1983      Boyd H. Morris
6/23/1983    Ruth Beamguard
4/5/1982      Margaret Threatt
7/25/1980    Alonzo Canty
11/19/1979  Lloyd J. Cranford
3/15/1979    Stanley Bruce Bishop
1/11/1978    Mrs. Jeanette Satterfield
6/13/1977    James Vaughn
3/28/1977    Rev. Harry E. Crump
2/17/1977    Alice P. Whisonant
8/3/1976      Cordia Montgomery
12/12/1974  Mr. Bratton Davis
4/29/1974    Mr. Lawrence Peay
6/18/1973    Horace J. Bates
1/18/1973    Addie D.Ferguson
7/13/1971    Mrs. Ida Forsythe
7/21/1970    Mrs. Pearl Peay
1/8/1970      Dorothy H. Stone
8/16/1966    C. Harry Huff
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