Rev. John Sadler



Pastor John was born in Baker, Louisiana, where he lived for 19 years. His father and mother are Roger and Olive Sadler. He is the youngest of three chil­dren; his sister is Katie, his brother David, and both live in Louisiana. His fa­vorite memory growing up is the family devotion time that ended with a pil­low fight and his dad laughing so hard he could not breathe and his mom get­ting them off him and to bed. The love of his parents is the reason he loves God with all he is.


He graduated from high school and went off to Kansas for college where he graduated from Central College (Central Christian College) in McPherson, Kansas. There he studied business management and played baseball. He met his wife Peggy, and they have been married for 28 years. Pastor John and Peg­gy have three children, two boys and one girl. Andrew is the oldest and drives a truck for FedEx; Crystal is the only girl and is the children’s director for the YMCA in Denver, North Carolina; and Caleb is the youngest and the only one who is married. He and his wife Londone live in Jackson, Mississippi, where he works for Nissan.


Pastor John worked in youth ministry for about 15 years, where he was the youth leader at Kings Mountain Church of the Nazarene for just over a year and a half, and Faith Journey for about the same time. He volunteered at Charlotte Trinity Church of the Nazarene for many years. They moved to Mississippi in 2011 to become the pastor of Northside Church of the Nazarene where they served for five and a half years.


Ashley Divers


We would like to welcome Ashley Divers to our Ministry Team. Ashley joined our RHFCN family on September 2, 2018 as our Children’s Ministry Director.
Ashley is a performance-driven professional with extensive experience in developing and providing spiritual, relational, organizational, and administrative leadership for Children/youth groups. Ashley comes to us from Community of Hope Church of the Nazarene in Washington, DC. Ashley has been serving as their Youth Leader & Children’s Director.
Ashley was born and raised in Largo, Maryland, outside of Washington, DC. Her mother, brother, sister, aunt and uncle moved several years ago to Charlotte, NC. Not only is Ashley looking forward to becoming a part of our First Church Family, she is looking forward to being much closer to her family in Charlotte.
Ashley has served our country in the Army Reserves from 2011-2017, serving in the transportation supply as well as driving trucks for the Army. Ashley was the Office Assistant and Community Engagement Specialist for Community of Hope Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of low-income, homeless, and underserved families in the DC area. This organization began as a Compassionate Ministry of the Community of Hope Church of the Nazarene, where Ashley has served as the Youth& Children’s Director at for the past six years.
We are looking forward to her experience, enthusiasm and love for Ministry as we grow the Kingdom of God.